Understand the GearGag Admin

When you log in to your GearGag Admin, the first thing that you see is the Dashboard page:

GearGag Dashboard shows insights into your sales, including revenue, number of purchases, store visits, and conversion rate. From here, you can see at a glance how your store is performing across sales channels, and for any date range. 

Besides Dashboard, Geargag Admin includes other sections on the left sidebar as shown below:

  • Setting: Edit custom mockups and shipping types. Also, you can update information about your store, edit default pixels, enable payment methods, and other useful options. 

  • Storefront: Set up navigation, collections, and pages for your store. You can customize the store the way you want. 

  • Products: Add new products, create new designs, or view and organize all of your products and variants. 

  • Promotions: Access this page to create a promo code for customers. You can set your own code, the percentage of discount, minimum amount of order for promotion, and expiration date. 

  • Orders: Keep track of all your orders. You’ll see the source where customers bought your products from, the number of items ordered, order date, orderID, fulfillment status, and purchase amount. 

  • Fulfillments: View information about invoices such as the created date, the paid date, and the quantity. You can import orders to GearGag from here. 

  • Marketing Tools: Add, activate, and customize GearGag’s integrations with Google Merchant, Facebook Catalog, and Amazon. 

  • Billing: Upgrade your account and manage previous upgrades. 

  • Payouts: Manage your payout history and request new payouts from here. 

  • Integrations: Connect your Shopify, WooCommerce or Etsy store with your GearGag account.