General Settings

From the Settings page, you can manage your store settings, billing information, support, pixel settings, custom email, and more. 

Store settings

After signing up for a GearGag account, you can go to your GearGag Admin > Settings > Store settings to set up your store.

  • Create a store name.

  • Add meta keyword for your store. Meta keyword will tell Google what your store is all about, so choose wisely.

  • Add meta description for your store site.

  • Select the time zone from the list.

  • Click Edit to add your site domain. You must complete this step to ensure your site will be on live. Just follow the instruction, and you’ll be all set. 

  • Select to show a search bar at the top of your store site.

Add logo to your store site

To add a logo to your store, click the Logo box or drag and drop a PNG image file to this box. Note that the width and height of the image should be 400px and 100px or 850px and 125px.

Add a site icon to your store site

To add a site icon to your site, click the Favicon box or drag and drop a PNG image file to this box. The aspect ratio of the image should be 1:1 (square).

Create a top bar notification

The top bar notification is a good place to display your promotions like Christmas discounts or free shipping. To do this, scroll down to the bottom at the Top bar settings box > select Enable Top bar (7) > enter your message and edit the appearance of the notification.

Set automatic abandoned cart emails

If you want to send an abandoned cart email to your customers who leave your store without making a purchase, select the Enable automatic abandoned cart emails option. Then, an email will be sent automatically to your abandoned customer’s emails. 

Set an email for customer support

This box is useful if you want to display a support email on your store site. Then, whenever customers have a problem, they can send it to you via this email. You can add the name of the supporter, an email, phone number, and address. 

Sell on GearGag marketplace 

GearGag creates a marketplace where sellers can sell others’ products in their own stores and make extra money. If you want to join our marketplace, select the Display products in marketplace on your site option. Doing this means you allow us to show products of other sellers on your store site. Whenever a customer buys any of these products, you’ll receive commissions. 

Set automatic fulfillment

Select this option, and your orders will be automatically fulfilled. Note that this feature isn’t available for all orders. 

Add a new store admin user

If you want to assign someone to manage your store site, click Add member (8) in the Team box. To remove a user, click the recycle bin icon at the right of the email address.

Add pixels to your store site

This section is for setting up Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel tracking on your store site. Besides, if you sell on Google Shopping, you have to add the Google Merchant Center Verification ID here as well.

To add a pixel, just click the Click to edit option and enter it.


  • You can create a Facebook pixel in Facebook Ads Manager or follow this instruction in the Facebook Help Center.

  • To create a Google Tag Manager ID, follow this instruction

  • Visit, then login with your Google account. You’ll see your Google Merchant Center ID which appears in the top-left hand corner of your account. 

Set the payment method

You can select PayPal and/or Stripe as your payment methods. To enable them, click the respective options in the Your payment methods box.

Read this tutorial to learn more about how to set payment methods in GearGag. 

Add conversion tracking to your store site

If you want to add Google Analytics tracking code or any other script to your site, copy and paste it to the Head Script box, then click Save.

Track successful purchases in your store

If you want to track successful orders on your store, copy and paste it to the Successful Purchase box, then click Save.