Create a Storefront

A GearGag storefront is just like a storefront you always see in real life - it showcases a collection of your products. With this in mind, we’ve developed features that help you create an eye-catching storefront.

Go to your GearGag Admin and click Storefront on the left menu. There are three storefront settings: NavigationCollections, and Pages

Follow these steps:

Step 1: To create a storefront, click the Create Storefront button (1) at the top-right corner. You’ll be directed to the New Storefront page.

Step 2: Add the storefront title, add a URL, write a description, upload the storefront image, and edit search engine listing preview to create an SEO-friendly storefront. 

Step 3: Click Update.

Step 4: On the Storefront page, click Edit (2) to edit the storefront you’ve created. 


Step 5: Click Enable storefront (3) to enable your store.

Note that to make sure your storefront is officially on live, you need to add a domain in the Setting section.