Geargag is a fulfillment platform supporting for Print-On Demand and Dropshipping sellers. With Geargag, you can create and customize your own products, and start your online business without the worry about risk or high upfront cost.

You can upload any designs, mockups with your own styles, sell or sync products to your stores in multiple platform such as Woocommerce, Shopify, and Etsy, then fulfill or ship orders via Geargag.

There're 3 options for you to start with Geargag:

1. Geargag Fulfillment:  Request fulfillment for orders from file CSV, integrated platforms (such as WooCommerce, Etsy, Shopify), or via API

2. Geargag Shipment & Warehousing: Request worlwide shipment service & warehousing in US

3. Geargag eCommerce: Build your online store with your own domain, setup automatic customer support service with Cross-sale and Up-sale system; integrate & synce products and products between Geargag and your stores on E-commerce Platform like Etsy, Shopify and Woocommerce; and sync tracking numbers to your Paypal or Stripe payment gateway.

You can easily customize your sidebar in Geargag dashboard based on the service you're using frequently.

- Default sidebar: Show full Geargag menu of service (Shipment, Fulfillment, Storefront & tracking)

- Ecommerce sidebar: Optimized for managing online store (order, fulfillment, up-sell, promotions,..)

- Fulfillment sidebar: Optimized for Fulfillment (order, fulfillment, billing & integration)

- Shipment sidebar: Optimized for Shipment (request, billing)

There's no limit or monthly fee for creating new stores with an email on Geargag, so you can start with all. Let's take a look to see how they're different. 

What makes GearGag different?

Our goal is to help you turn your ideas into a real business with innovative personalized products . That’s why we take the hassle out of online selling to make eCommerce easy for you. Here’s a quick overview of what makes us different:

Diverse product types with meticulous production

With the experienced product R&D team, Geargag can come up with the most trendy product with the most reasonable cost. Our principle is to give the top priority to the product quality, thus, each and every product in Geargag must go through a tight progress of production to ensure to be in the right form, right design, and good quality.

High-speed processing time

With real-time production management technology and large-scale production , all production stages at Geargag have been optimized, providing fast production & shipping times. These are all for building up and remain the Customers' trust and satisfaction.

Design bulk upload

In Geargag, you can upload thousands of design files for several products in one try. With the help of this beneficial feature, you can easily create numerous product in different types with one design.

Customized product and online store

Geargag provides a flexible interface design for your online store, it is also optimized for the business of your own customized products. You can quickly setup your online store with your own creativity, even when you are just in the beginning.

In addition, to help you make a good first impression, Geargag also offers the option to send "Thank you card" service - sending a card with your brand on it, showing the appreciation to your customer, or giving a special offer and treatment to your customers. This is only costs 0.5 USD for each order.

Mutil-platform integration

Geargag supports creating & synchronizing products and orders from many popular platforms such as Shopify, WooCommerce, Etsy. Multi-store management in one platform has never been easier!

SEO optimization

Geargag provides for your online store a website in the direction of optimizing the standard SEO interface, fast page-loading speed. Thanks to this thing, you can improve your online business rankings & increase free access from search engines like Google.

Create custom mockups

Our platform allows you to replace default mockups with custom mockups for your products, optimizing the look of your online store.

Fast and secure payment gateway

GearGag supports the integration between payment gateways (Paypal and Stripes) and all of your stores. Especially, with orders fulfilled by Geargag, the tracking code will be automatically synced to the integrated payment gateways, it helps you not only saving time but also developing the trust of your payment gateway.

Unlimited feeds

You can create automatic product feeds from your store to add products to Google Merchant Center, Facebook, or Amazon and continue to sell with Geargag marketing plug-in.