When signing in your Geargag account and set up your store sucessfully, the first thing that you see, when going to your store, is the Dashboard page:

GearGag Dashboard shows insights into your sales, including revenue, number of purchases, store visits, and conversion rate on your Geargag store (not included orders from other integrated platforms). From here, you can see at a glance how your store is performing for any date range. 

Besides Dashboard, Geargag Admin includes other sections on the left sidebar as shown below:

  • Setting: Edit custom mockups and shipping types. Also, you can update information about your store, edit default pixels, enable payment methods, and other useful options. 

  • Storefront: Set up navigation, collections, and pages for your store. You can customize the store the way you want. 

  • File librarywhere you upload and manage your designs

  • Products: Add new products, create new designs, or view and organize all of your products and variants. 

  • Catalog: List of products are fulfilled by Geargag with the details on description, size, production price, shipping cost and shipping time.

  • Promotions: Access this page to create a promo code for customers. You can set your own code, the percentage of discount, minimum amount of order for promotion, and expiration date. 

  • Boost Upsell: Setup discounts per unit & manual suggest products which your customer concern.

  • Orders: Keep track of all your orders. You’ll see the source where customers bought your products from, the number of items ordered, order date, orderID, fulfillment status, and purchase amount. 

  • Fulfillments: View information about invoices such as the created date, the paid date, and the quantity. You can import orders to GearGag from here. 

  • Shipment: Request shipping & monitor shipment status in this section.

  • Customer: List of customers who're valuable with your business (checked out or complete payment) on your store. You can export and use this data to remarketing on the multi marketing channels

  • Marketing: Add, activate, and customize GearGag’s integrations with Google Merchant, Facebook Catalog, and Amazon. 

  • Billing: Manage invoices, Topup & Payout (for Geargag Payment Only) History.

  • Integrations: Connect your stores on Shopify, WooCommerce or Etsy and so on, with your GearGag account. 

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us via email: support@geargag.com