You'll be created a new demo storefront after registered. Geargag storefront may be used to create your homepage or any landing page of your campaign, with no limited ideas

Visit Geargag Admin > Storefront > Front pages to edit our demo storefront (hover in the New Storefront, click Edit) or Create your new one.

There are 4 types of components you can use to create a new storefront:

1. Single Collection: Use to promote a single collection with an attractive banner & the products from a featured collection.

2. Multi Collection: Config up to 6 collections on your storefront. You can easily type the headline & rearrange the text position at top/center/bottom/below the collection thumbnails. (Learn How to create a Collection here). Click "Save" when you're done.

3. Banner: Upload a single banner in the storefront. You can design a call to action button on your banner & add a destination URL & redirect to any category/ landing page/ campaign you want.

4. Custom HTML: If you have a good knowledge of HTML coding, you can build a new block on your storefront with any thing you want.

You can edit & rearrange all components in your storefront at ease by hover on the section & click delete/ move up/ move down.

Don't forget to customize your storefront sharing appearance with a thumbnail, URL path & an attractive description at the right side of the storefront config dashboard.

You can also optimize your page rank of the storefront by editing SEO data: Meta name, Meta description & Meta keywords of the landing.

Finally, enable your storefront when you're done. You can see a list of active & inactive storefronts in the dashboard & switch your homepage to any versions you designed at any time you want.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact Geargag support via email: or leave us a message in the chatbox.