Add Product Feed to Google Merchant Center

GearGag allows you to create product feed, and then use it on other shopping channels like Facebook, Amazon, and Google Ads.

This tutorial will show you how to add product feed to Google Merchant Center. 

Create a Google Product Feeds

First of all, to create a product feed, you need to create a product (according to the type of product you want to feed) in the Product section under the Catalog on the Geargag. After creating a product type, you can create a feed by following the steps below:

Step 1: Go to your GearGag Admin > Marketing Tools > Product Feeds

Then, the Marketing page will open with the Product feeds tab like this:

Please, choose Product Type to create a product feed (in this section you can check the types of products that you created)

Step 2: Click Create Product Type button.

Then fill in all the necessary information in the table (the information with the red star is compulsory)

Click Update Product Type 

Step 3: Go back to Marketing> Product Feeds> Create Feeds

The system will lead you to the following interface:


Fill out the information in the table above, then click Add product feed. So you have successfully created a product feed.

Back to the main interface of the Product Feed, you can copy the link feed that you have just created.


That's it!

Add product feeds to Google Merchant Center

Do as follows:

Step 1: Sign in to your Gooogle Merchant Center (GMC) account.

Step 2: On your GMC dashboard, click Products (1) > Feeds (2). Then, click the + button. 

Step 3: Select your country and language in the Basic information step. Then, move to Name and input method and fill in your Primary feed name. After that, select Scheduled fetch to connect your data > Continue

Step 4: Go back to your GearGag Admin > Marketing Tools > Google MerChant feed > click Copy Link to copy the feed you want to add to GMC. 

Step 5: Go back to your GMC account, fill in your feed name, feed time, frequency, and other information. For File URL, paste the URL in step 5 here. Click Create Feed to finish.