WooCommerce is an e-commerce platform for online stores. To make your online business be more efficient with multiple stores, Geargag offers built-in integration with WooCommerce. Connect your Geargag store with WooCommerce to discover the new amazing.

There are 3 steps to integrate & sync orders from WooCommerce to Geargag:

  1. Connect your WooCommerce store to Geargag
  2. Install Geargag Toolkit
  3. Sync Orders

Not only importing orders, but Geargag also supports sync products from Geargag to Woocommerce store. Follow this link to start!

1. Connect your WooCommerce Store to Geargag

Go to Geargag Admin > Integrations > WooCommerce.

Add a new connection with the store name & URL, then click "Add new connect"

  • Name: Enter the name of your store.
  • URL: Enter the link to your store in format http:// or https:// (for example https://woo.geargag.com/)


Confirm Geargag access by logging into your account & click ‘Approve’ to continue.


Geargag does not limit number of store connections. Feel free to add as many Woo-stores as you have at no fee.

2. Install Geargag Toolkit

In the WordPress Admin > Plugins > Add New, look for "GearGag Toolkit" in the Search Bar & click ‘Install Now’, your Woocommerce store will be connected to Geargag successfully.


3. Sync Orders

When your Woocommerce stores & Geargag are connected, all the new orders in your Woocommerce store will be synced to Geargag.

  • If the synced orders are from Geargag - Woocommerce synced items (the original fulfillment designs were uploaded before), your orders are totally ready, you can create the Fulfillment Requests immediately without updating SKU & re-uploading designs.

(Learn How to sync Products from Geargag to Woocommerce store here)

For any question with Woocommerce integration, leave us a message in the chatbox or email support@geargag.com

How to sync Products from Geargag to Woocommerce store here