You can visit Geargag catalog by click button Catalog on the top in the right side of the dashboard or the field Catalog on the sidebar in the left of the dashboard.

1. Product List:

  • Click the category (All-Over print, Jewelry, Appareal, and so on) or use the search tool to find the product using keyword.
  • Click on the product see details about the color scheme, size, description, template and pricing.

2. Basecost

  • The default displayed base cost is the lowest price applied for the product. The actual base cost is different among the variation, and excluding the shipping fee
  • To see the exact basecost of the variation you want to fulfill, kindly choose the options of side, size, color. SKU will be also provided with the actual cost.
  • Detailed request on design will be shown in Print Areas, below the actual base cost.
    • Dimension support: the dimension that your design file must meet when you fulfill the item
    • Key: Necessary when you import orders by CSV file, it is for the field key_area_# in the CSV file template.

3. Region available to ship to, shipping methods and fee

  • In product catalog, each product page has a shipping information table including region that the product can be shipped to, the shipping methods,estimated shipping time and the shipping fee. The shipping fee is different among the product types.

There are two columns of shipping fee provided in the information table : FIRST ITEM applied for the first item and ADDITIONAL ITEM applied for the other items of the order. 

For example: 

The Print Cloth Face Mask are applied $4.99 shipping fee for the first item and $0.2 shipping fee for next one. 

If your order has 2 Print Cloth Face Masks, the total shipping fee of your order is $4.99 + $0.2 = $5.19

If your order order has 3 items in 3 different product types, shipping fee will follow the fee in FIRST ITEM column for each item.

  • The shipping time do not include the processing time

  • The shipping method "Sample" is for the sample request and the shipping fee will be free (available only in Vietnam)

4. Description and instructions

  • Provide information on material and brand of the product
  • Washing and ironing instructions to ensure product quality.

5. Design & Fulfillment Guideline

  • Estimated processing time ( varies with each product)
  • File format support: PNG or JPG, some products require file in AI format
  • Template and mockup all-in download link

6. Size guide

Description about the dimensions and tolerances of each product (Switchable between inch and centimeter measurements)

If you have any questions about the Catalog, please contact us via email: