Connecting your existing domain to Geargag means that when someone enters your custom URL into their web browser, it takes them to your Geargag store. You still use the third-party domain provider to manage your domain settings, pay for your domain, and renew it.

To add your domain to Geargag store. From your Geargag admin, go to Setting> General

Click Edit Domain & follow the guideline belows:


Step 1: Change DNS to Cloudflare

Create a Cloudflare account and add your website

Step 2: Add a new Record in Cloudflare

  1. Delete all records Type A
  2. Add TXT Record
    Type: TXT
    Name: @
    Value: <the string provided in your own dashboard>
  3. Add CNAME record
    Type: CNAME
    Name: @


Editing these domain settings might have an effect on other things, such as email forwarding. You can contact your domain provider to find out how any changes might affect your DNS settings.

If the domain still doesn't work, please recheck & be sure that your settings in Cloudflare are as below:

1. Your SSL/TLS encrypion mode is Flexible

2. Always use HTTPS




If you have any issues in connecting, please contact us at to get help.