'Manual Upsell' should be used if you want to boost the sales of a specific range of products. You will be able to link manually them to others. Your customers will see them in the recommendation & increase cart value.

3 steps to set up "Manual Upsell":

STEP 1: Go to Boost UpSell > Manual Upsell >'Create Offer'

STEP 2: Input the following:

  • Offer's name and message: Give your offer a name to manage easily or leave blank (we will automatically generate a name for you) 
  • Offer Status: Choose to show/hide the offer by turning on/off this button. 
  • Choose Target Products: If customers add these products to the cart, the offer will popup.

  • Choose Recommend products: The products which appear on the popup when the Target products were added to the cart. It will motivate your customer to add more.
  • Offer's discount (optional): You can set an offer's discount or not when a customer buys a target product AND a recommended product. Turn on Offer's discount button and input discount percentage if you want to motivate them.

STEP 3: Press 'Submit Offer'.

You're all done. Visit Here for other Boost sale tips in Geargag. If you need any support, please submit a Support Ticket here, email to support@geargag.com or inbox us in the chatbox