Geargag Shipment is a Door-to-door International Express Delivery service that can deliver your single package from Vietnam to worldwide fast & save - All-in-One E-commerce platform.

  • Fast Delivery Speed, guaranteed to arrive in the US within 10 working days.
  • No Minimum Order Required.
  • Integrated multi sale channels (Woo-commerce, Shopify, Etsy, Amazon,..), easy to request fulfillment & shipping.
  • Automatic Pricing Estimate based on the size and weight of your package.
  • Clear and transparent tracking code system with a regular update that helps you manage all your orders with ease.


01. Create Shipment Requests, print barcodes, and stick them to your packages.

02. Ship your products to Geargag stations to check the package dimensions

03. Pay invoices

04. Geargag delivers your package to Warehouses & create domestic tracking codes.

05. Check the parcel tracking ID in Seller Shipment Dashboard

Learn how Geargag calculates your shipping fee here.

If you have any questions, please submit a ticket Here, send an email to or leave us a message in the chatbox.