To do this, click POD Product. Then, you’ll be directed to the Add Product page as shown below:

Step 1: Select Prorducts

You can choose up to 25 products at a time, however, be considered, cause more than 9 products will affect the shopper experience

Step 2: Add design.

You need to upload the artwork for the front, back, or both sides of your product. Then, choose the colors and styles for it. Note that you can change the sales price in the Retail Price column. Based on changes, profit will be automatically calculated.

Please note: The profit's estimated, not include shipping fee & transaction fee (if any)

Step 3: Add a title, a description, and tags for your product in the Design details section. 

Other outstanding functions on POD products:

1. Insolate Design: Visitors can't search for your product from the search bar or any product suggestions. They can only access your design via Direct link.

2. Do not index: Block Google bot crawling & indexing your landing page.

3. Enable Limited Time: The show countdown timer on the product detail page 

4. Sell on MarketPlace: On/Off to Allow/Disallow your products displayed on other sites in Geargag network.

5. Override default pixels: Allow you to install a different Facebook pixel code (override the default code on the wide web)

When you’re done with everything, click Create to finish.