Customize POD  is a powerful feature in GearGag. You can make use of this functionality to create a personalized product that your customer can’t help but purchase!

GearGag allows you to Personalize all POD products in Geargag Catalog: Apparel, leggings, mugs, poster portrait, poster landscape, canvas, hats, phones....

To access the Customize POD, go to your GearGag Admin > Products > Customize POD

You’ll be directed to the POD Customize page. From this page, you can select the product type you want to customize, upload your designs, add your own mockup, and more.

  1. Choose a pre-made mockup from the list to start designing.

  2. Click Add Text to add text to your product.

  3. Click Add Image to add an image to your product. 

  4. Edit artwork and mockup. Click the lock icon to lock the design on the mockup for editing, or click the shirt icon to upload your own mockup, or click the fill color button to change the color of the product. 

  5. Click the recycle bin icon to remove an image or a text from the product.

  6. Edit the text such as font, color, stroke, and the order of elements on the product. 

When you’re satisfied with everything, click Save to add a new product. You can download the mockup to your computer by clicking Download.

Your design will be displayed on your Store like this: 

Your customers can rearrange, type another text/ images or do anything they want to customize & preview their designs & easily add to cart

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