With Geargag shipment service, you can deliver your single package door-to-door to customers fast & saving. Visit https://seller.geargag.com/shipment & start now with 4 easy steps:


- Create Shipment request at Shipment > Requests > Create request

- Click Add new and fill the information of your product as requested then click Save

    - Description: product name or type

    - Weight (gram)

    - Quantity

    - Price (USD)

    - SKU (optional)

- Fill information about your package as requested: 

    - Pakage name

    - Package Dimensions: including Length(cm), Width(cm), Height(cm), Weight(gram)

- Choose Station

- Provide Shipping Address , check the shipping rates provided base on your information by click "Check shipping services" and confirm by click "Create Request"

See more about how to create requests in bulk by CSV file


When the uploading is finished, your shipment request will be listed in Shipment > Requests

Switch to "Print Barcode" select the requests to print barcode label & stick to your parcels before bringing them to Geargag stations

You can also reprint the barcode for a single request by clicking on the shipment & click Print Barcode


- Once our station receives your package, order status will change from Awaiting package to Stocked

- visit tab Pending Paid tab > change to Create invoice

- Tick orders you want to make payment > Click Create to create an invoice

You can check out for a single request as following;

Choose Shipment method: Standard, Priority, Saver

Choose your payment menthod and click Check out.

When your parcel is successfully transferred to Domestic carriers (UPS, USPS, DHL, GLS,...), you can check your tracking code in your Shipping Request Dashboard.

For any support request, please contact support@geargag.com