Geargag brings you a wide range of product types, from Print-on Demand types to handmade ones, in order to fulfill all of your business ideas.

To send a fulfillment request to Geargag, kindly follow the steps below:

Step 1. Create order

Geargag supports you to create orders in several ways. You can choose one of them which is most suitable for your business model, order amount, and team or organizational structure.

In this time, Geargag provides 3 ways to create an order from all of your orders (click the link to view details)

Suitable for Sellers who are selling on platforms Geargag has not supported for the integration yet, or a new business with a limited amount of orders.

Suitable for teams or companies selling on platforms listed in the Integrations on the sidebar at the Dashboard site.

Suitable for teams or companies with a development team that can understand and use the API code provided by Geargag to sync orders automatically

Step 2. Request for order fulfillment

After creating or syncing orders successfully, you have 2 ways to send request fulfillment from Geargag for your orders.

Option 1. Request one by one

- Click the order ID to go to the detailed order information site

- Click Request Fulfillment

- Once the shipping address is verfied ( order marked Address valid), kindly choose the vendor Geargag and shipping method (Priority, Standard or Saver)

- Click Confirm fulfill & checkout to directly go to the checkout site or Save to save the request and make a payment later.

Note: in case of error " item does not support fulfill by Geargag", there will be one of the following reasons:

- Wrong SKU : the SKU is different from the SKU provided in catalog (The available vendor is only Manual)

- The shipping address is not verified yet (marked Verifying)

- The shipping address is not in the region that Geargag supports to ship order to (The available shipping method is Manual Shipping)

How to solve this:

- Wait for about a minute while the system has been verifying the shipping address, then press F5

- Go back to the detailed order information site and modify the SKU and the shipping address following ones provided in Catalog

- In case you provide correct information but still cannot request fulfillment, kindly contact the Support Team via chatbox order email us.

Option 2. Request in Bulk

Go to Orders, select Orders you want to request fulfillment for, and click Request Fulfill

Please be noted that: orders with green picture icons are orders matched with design files. If the icon is grey, kindly match designs with the orders before requesting fulfillment.

The next step is the same as when you request in Option 1. Kindly check carefully the Vendor Fulfillment (must be Geargag) before click Confirm fulfill & Checkout.

You cannot create an invoice for orders not fulfilled by Geargag

In case orders are requested and not paid yet, you can:

+ Cancel fulfillment if you want to change SKU, Designs, or cancel it

+ Mark as Fulfilled if you have already fulfilled the order in another supplier

You cannot create an invoice for your order after doing one of the above actions.

Step 3. Make your payment

Once you click "Confirm fulfill & Checkout", you will go directly to the checkout site to process payment for the invoice which is also automatically created.

To complete the payment, the balance of your account balance must be at least equal to the total amount of the invoice. 

To top up, kindly check the instruction Here.

Orders will change to status "In Progress" once the payment is completed the request fulfillment is sent to Geargag successfully.

Order statuses on Geargag include:

  • Unfulfilled: orders are created or synced to Geargag, but not be requested for fulfillment yet
  • Requested: Orders that are requested for fulfillment but not paid yẻt
  • In progress: orders that are paid for fulfillment request and have been being manufactured
  • Fulfilled: Orders are shipped and have a tracking number to follow
  • Reject: Orders are canceled due to cancellation requests from Sellers, Buyers, or some manufacturing reason from the Vendor.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave us a message at the chatbox or send us an email to