If your Geargag store's integrated with a WooCommerce store (Learn How to integrate Geargag - WooCommerce here) you can easily sync orders automatically from WooCommerce to Geargag:

1. IF the orders are from Geargag designs

If the synced orders are from Geargag - Woocommerce synced items (the original fulfillment designs were uploaded before), your orders are totally ready, you can create the Fulfillment Requests immediately without updating SKU & designs

(Learn How to sync Products from Geargag to Woocommerce store here)

2. IF the orders are new (without fulfillment designs on Geargag)

You should update Fulfillment SKU & the fulfillment design before creating a request.

Click Here to learn how to complete your Fulfillment Request from integrated platform.

For any question with Woocommerce integration, leave us a message in the chatbox or email support@geargag.com.