You can't cancel or edit fulfillment requests (as Geargag Fulfillment Policy), however, you're able to edit your unfulfilled orders any time. Follow these steps if you want to edit your unfulfilled orders before requesting:

Go to Geargag Admins > Orders > All Orders > Click on the order ID you want to edit/cancel


There are only 4 sections you can edit in the Order details:

1. Upload new thumb

2. Upload new design

3. Update shipping contact (Name, address,..)

4. Cancel the orders (lick More action > Cancel)



The canceled orders are still be shown in the Order list, but with a strikethrough and you can't create any fulfillment request from them.

mceclip0.pngIf you need any help with your orders, contact our support team via Please include the order number of the item(s) that you would like to cancel or modify to ensure accuracy.