Since September 2020, Geargag officially applies Cashback & Tier Program for all Sellers as below:

1. How many Tiers available?

There are 5 tiers applied for Sellers with a better price for higher sale volume as below:

Normal PriceG1G3G5G10
No minimum requiredMore than 1000 items/monthMore than 3000 items/monthMore than 5000 items/monthMore than 10000 items/month

Tier program's applied for the items:

  1. Requested & paid completed.
  2. Successfully delivered (not include canceled, rejected, refunded, returned items)
  3. Calculated by the total items fulfilled by Geargag (Eg: Either Store A fulfilled 1000 shirts/month or Store B fulfilled 500 masks & 500 shirts/month is applied G1 prices)

2. Tier Pricing?

Tier is calculated for different types of products in Catalog:

For example: The 3D Cloth Facemask's applied Tier below will get cashback as follow:

- For 1500 item/month => Cashback 1500*(2-1.56) = 660$

- For 15.000 item/month => Cashback 15.000*(2-1) = 15.000$

3. How & when the Cashback's processed?

  • By the end of the month, Geargag calculates the total number of orders applied cashback.
  • Cashback will be transfer by Topup to store balance within 30 business days.
  • Sellers can withdraw the Cashback from Topup to Paypal/ Credit card / Payoneer following Geargag Payment & Fee Policy.

For more details, contact!