Step 1

In this step, you will match the product with the orders by using the product_id or sku_external.

Click to view the order > Match Product (or it can be Rematch product if the order has been already matched

Step 2:

Fill required information:

- Setting update products

+ Auto update External ID: automatically match product for the orders which have the same product_id

+ Auto update External sku: automatically match product for the orders which have the same sku_external

+ Manual: only match product for this order

- Characteristics of products

+ Color

+ Side: Front/Back/Double size

+ Size

Then, you can upload Design file below. Please note that the design file's dimension must be exactly as requirement in our catalog.

Step 3:

When you click to upload file, File Library windown will show up,  choose the design in library or upload from your device > click Select on the right in the bottom to starting upload file.

Then, click save to complete the step Match Product.

Moreover, you can check all unmatch orders at Orders > Match Products.

If you set the match is automatically for all orders which have the same product_id or sku_external, all other orders with the same those information will be match automatically.

The action of match product for product_id and sku_external will be save so that your new orders will be automatically matched when you import in the next time.

Note: if your order has both product_id and sku_external, our system will be match product by product_id.