There're 2 options you can choose to add FB pixels on Geargag:

1. For all Website

2. For a Campaign (Product)

1. Add Facebook pixel on all website


Add as many pixels as you want by pasting the pixel ids between commas. Then all the visitors will be captured to your pixels.

2. Add Facebook pixel on a Campaign / Product only

Visit & choose the product you want to override the Facebook pixel (you can also add the pixel when creating a new product (applied for POD & Other Product type only).

Then, only the people who visited this page will be captured.

To check whether the pixel's working, you can install Facebook Pixel Helper Addon.

(The Facebook Pixel Helper works in the background to look for conversion or Facebook pixels and provide real-time feedback on the implementation. A small number will appear on the Facebook Pixel Helper icon to indicate the number of pixel events. When clicked, a panel will expand to show a detailed overview of the page's pixels, including warnings, errors, and successes.)

Note: To test the successful purchasing page, use Geargag test link: Yourdomain/shopping-cart-checkout/success?token=ddc1d5fe0dd416615578f25efbdc7d06