To have an efficient fulfillment request for the best quality product in Geargag, firstly, don't forget to check the Geargag's catalog. In this article, we will show you how to use Geargag's template to design your product easily. (Video tutorial is at the end).

You can easily and conveniently check the catalog by a click on the button Catalog at the top-right corner site or on the sidebar on the left of the Dashboard.

There are a lot of products in the Geargag catalog and there also are many updates from time to time. However, you can use the searching bar to get the product you need with no difficulty.

On the product information page, you can see the base cost and the file's dimension support.

You can also easily get the Design template file for the product in the Design & Fulfillment Guideline near the end of each product page.

The template file provided by Geargag will be in format .psd. If using the production template file makes it difficult to understand and figure, you can use the Mockup All-in file. Each piece of design file will be put together onto the actual product model in the mockup file. You also can use the mockup file on your store to make your product look more authentic.

Normally, the production template design file includes the template for all sizes and styles of the product (if any) as a Smart Object. Click the smart object of the size or product style you need to open the template.

Place your design fully on the provided Template file to ensure the best print quality. However, please be noted that each template usually has 2 main parts:

- Safe area: The best print & display area of the product, important parts of a design need to be placed in this section to ensure the most complete display.

- Unsafe area (outside the safe zone, usually displayed in darker gray): This area will still be printed, however, it may be affected by cutting, sewing, or assembling among parts. Therefore, you should take the important details of your design out of this area.

Then, save the file as JPG or PNG & upload it to the File library on Geargag to use for the fulfillment.

If you have any questions regarding the use of design and mockup template files, please contact us via the chat box or email for further assistance.