For each fulfillment or shipment request, Geargag always provides detailed invoices, thus, you can easily manage all invoices for control and for information submission to E-commerce platforms or Payment Gateways when being requested.

Go to Billing> Invoices to check all the invoices awaiting for payment:

All incompleted invoices are marked Unpaid. Once you completed payment to one invoice, that invoice will be marked Paid. The date and time of the payment is recorded, too.

1. Unpaid orders:

You can see the list of unpaid orders in the invoice by click on View or Invoice ID, including total value of each order and payment method. To make your payment, kindly click Check out.

2. Paid Orders:

In addition to viewing all orders in the paid invoice, you can export the invoice in standard form, by click Print, for control and for submission to Payment Gateways when being requested.

If you have any questions about Geargag Billing - Pay Invoice, please contact us via chatbox or email