To create a new store on Geargag, kindly go to

You can sign in your account or register a new account on Geargag in two ways

- Sign in directly with your Google account

- Sign in with registered username and password

Option 1: Sign in directly with your Google account 

Geargag will verify your account via Gmail when signing you in. You do not have to set up and remember a new separate password. The sign-in is automatic totally via Gmail.

Note: With iOS devices, you can use Geargag on Safari. However, for the best experience, we recommend you to use Chrome.

Option 2: Sign up for a new Geargag Account

- To sign up, click Sign Up:

- Provide requested information: Your full name, email address, new password and password confirmation

Read carefully the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, and confirm that you agree with our Terms and policy

Note: In case you log in with your account registered this way, you need to enter the password you set up while registering, not your email's password.

After successfully sign in, click + Add new store and choose a name for your store:

Geargag does not limits the number of stores you can create within each account. If you are managing a team with different sales channels, you can create many different stores on the same domain and decentralize email access for each team member.

It is optional but also great to have you sharing some more information in the next step, so that Geargag can give the best advices and recommendations to you.

If you have any questions about how to set up a new store on Geargag, please contact us via chatbox or email for support.