For new users and stores with a small amount of orders, Geargag allows you to quickly create new orders with the following simple steps:

Step 1. Go to Geargag Orders > + Orders

Step 2. Provide product information

You can choose products you created before on Geargag (Select Product) or create a new product (Add new

The differences between Select Product and Add New

+ Select Product: The product's name and mockup has been created before, however, you still have to check and upload the design file before requesting fulfillment for your order

+ Add New: Provide the product information as following:

- Product name: give the product a name so that you can manage it easily in each order

- Product type in Catalog (choose a side, size, color - if any)

- Design file: Upload a new file from your device or choose one in your File Library (Note: The design file's dimension must be the same as the dimension support required by Geargag).

- Mockup image:  you can easily manage the products in orders by mockup file as well as provide Geargag a preview about your expected products. Based on the mockup, Geargag can compare & notify the adjustment of production template file if there are errors in the process of fulfillment.

Step 3. Confirm the item quantity or add more products

- To change the quantity of the item, you can adjust the number in the Quantity box

- To add more products into your orders, click + Add New, then repreate the Step 2 to provide the information for new products you want to add.

Note: If your design file does not meet the dimension support, you cannot upload it for your orders.

Step 4. Provide Shipping address

To save time, in this step, for orders belonging to the US, the Geargag system will automatically suggest valid addresses & automatically distribute information to the information field Nation, State, City, and Zipcode.

You can also add your internal Order ID (the original ID on your own sales channel/order management system) in the upper right corner of the order creation screen for later order management & search.

Step 5. Send Fulfillment request and complete payment.

After successfully creating your order, you need to send a fulfillment request and complete payment (see details HERE) for order processing to begin. 

If you have any support request, please message via chatbox or contact email: for help