Besides manual ways to create a new order, you also can create orders in bulk by CSV file...

See more instructions Request fulfillment from CSV in Geargag.

In some cases, our system cannot process your orders from CSV files and send error notifications since there are some mistakes in your CSV file. In this article, we will give an explanation and solution for common errors you might meet while creating orders by using the CSV file.

1. Header is not mapped version of Geargag

This error often occurs when you edit the header of columns, or add or remove columns, thus, the system cannot format the information.

Please do not make any change to the first row as known as the header of each column of the file, just fill and edit the information onto the lines below even if some columns are not used.

2. Catalog not found

This error occurs when the sku_catalog is wrong

To solve it, kindly go to the catalog and check the right SKU for the product variation you want to fulfill

3. Errors related to Key Area and Code Image

To solve errors related to Key Area and Code Image, you have to check the information in the catalog, too.

- Key_Area: Please fill the Key exactly as it is provided in the catalog

- Code_Image:  Design files have to meet the dimension provided in the column "Dimension Support", you can visit the File library to check the size of the file and get the image code.

If you have any questions about Request fulfillment from CSV in Geargag, please contact us via the chat box or email for assistance.