Geargag File library is where you can easily store and manage all of your designs.

1. Uploading designs onto File Library

Supported format: JPG, JPEG, PNG, Ai

You can upload directly or via CSV file

- Option 1: Upload the files directly

The design name will be used as the default code_image of the image file (excluding special characters, spaces). However, users can also edit the code_image if necessary.

- Option 2: Upload design files in bulk via CSV file

In case you have stored your design files on other platforms and want to quickly upload to the Geargag system without having to download them, this way is the best one for you.

Go to File library> Select CSV file example to download the sample file

Kindly fill the fields in the sample file:

  • name: file's name
  • link: file's address link
  • code: the code you want to set for the file (it must be unique among files since it is used to import orders via CSV files)

2. Searching and managing design files in File Library

With Geargag File Library, you can search the file you need quickly in many ways:

- by file's name

- by file's code_image

- by file's dimension

- by file's tag

You also have many options to re-download the design file, get shared link, tag or ed the code_image (for sending fulfillment request exactly) in a very easy way.


- Files cannot be deleted after uploading onto the File Library

- Each new Geargag store will have a limit of 1000 image files that are allowed to upload to the File Library. Each month, the system will automatically extend the limitation according to the amount of the number of the store.

However, in case your demand is higher than the default limitation, please contact Geargag support via Livechat or email for review & upgrade instructions.