When an order is created on Geargag, there are many ways you can use to organize, manage & find your order, here are some order status definitions, as well as tips you can use to make your order management more scientific and effective.

1. Filter orders by created date

2. Filter orders by order status:

There are order statuses as follows:

  • Unpaid: Orders is not be paid (usually used for Geargag stores to check Add cart & unpaid orders)
  • Unfulfilled: Orders that are from the Geargag store, or newly imported or synchronized to the system but not been requested for fulfillment yet.
  • Requested: Orders have been requested for fulfillment but not paid yet
  • In progress: Orders have been requested and paid for fulfillment
  • Partial Fulfilled: Orders contain more than one product type, one or some products has already been complete and ready for shipment while the other is still in manufacturing progress.
  • Fulfilled: Orders are fully manufactured and have tracking numbers to follow.
  • Reject: The order is canceled or refused by Geargag (according to the seller's request, out of stock, design error ...)
  • Tickets: Orders are having issues that need review by the order processing department

The menu bar above the order list will help you quickly check the number of orders in each status

3. Filter orders by Customer's name or email, Tag, or External Order ID

You quickly can search your order by Geargag order ID, or customer name, email, or external order ID on Geargag's search bar.

4. Advanced Filter (Order Sources, design file status, shipping address, and so on)

Click More Filters if you want to filter your order with more detailed information.

- Filter by Order Sources ( from CSV file import, synce from integrated stores, and so on)

- Filter by Design file Status ( Artwork Status)

+ Completed: All products in orders have design files

+ Incompleted: Some products in orders have design files but some do not

+ Missing: All products in orders do not have design files

- Filter by Address Status:

+ Verifying: The address is being verified by the system (you will not be able to request fulfillment while the order is in this state)

+ Address valid: The address is compatible with the search information on Google & shipping system, high probability of successful delivery (does not mean that the address is 100% correct).

+ Address invalid: The address is not compatible with the search information on Google & the shipping system. The likelihood of successful delivery is not high (does not mean the delivery cannot be delivered). Geargag does not allow ordering at these addresses unless the address is manually confirmed by the seller.

+ Manual confirm address: Address is invalid but it is manually confirmed by Sellers

+ Other: Addresses that are not in the US and cannot be verified by our system.

In addition to the direct filters above, you can also Export the order list directly from the orders screen for your order management.

If you have any support requests, please contact Geargag via Livechat or email support@geargag.com.