Normally, the orders will be delivered to the customer on time & correctly, however, in some exceptional cases, you may receive a complaint from the customer stating that the order has been delivered, but they never received the goods.

In these cases, not only providing Shipping Label to prove the real delivery, Geargag would like to suggest you some answers so that your customers can handle their problems on their own & limit unfounded complaints

"Dear customer,

We're sorry to hear that the package did not reach you well, please follow these steps to check where it's located:

1. Contact your local post office and obtain the time and place the package was delivered to. In most cases, you can even obtain the GPS location of where your package was delivered. 

2. If it can’t be found you can then fill out a missing mail report on, you should only need your name, tracking number, and home address.

3. Ask all family members in the home or neighbors if they have seen a package delivered. It may have been delivered to a neighbor so it doesn’t hurt to ask.

4. If you still do not know the whereabouts of your package, please contact your local police department and file a missing mail report. Federal mail theft is a serious crime that shouldn’t be taken lightly. If the police can't help you find out the missing mail, please send us the complaint results to suggest another help. 

We are very sorry about your missing package and hope these steps work."

If your customers have done all steps above and still do not find out the package, you can place a new order for replacement, we can not help in this case, but we're willing to prioritize the order as your request. Thanks