What is the "smart objects" in the product template?

As you can see, there is always a smart object so the customers can insert their image here.

The smart object clearly shows the safe zone. 

How to open "smart object"

After opening the mockup file, you will see it here. We often name it "place here" so you can easily recognize the smart object. Then, click it.

A new tab will appear and it's the smart object tab. You can place your design here, press Ctrl + S, then back to the first tab to see the real design in the mockup.



How to place the design in the right way in "smart object"

The requirement is that the image must fill 100% of the smart object and the important parts of the image should be inside the safe zone (cut-greenline area).

But somebody still makes a mistake, the whole image is inside the safe zone, then the remaining area of the smart object is blank. It would be very ugly after printing.

Today, I will have you to fix this, not 100% perfect but almost 100%.

First, I have 2 kinds of images. SIMPLE and COMPLEX

Simple image

With simple images (pattern style, unclear context, mixing), you just need to choose the Area by using Selection tool (M).

 Select the blank part of the image (including a little part of the image) -> Edit -> Fill (Shift + F5) -> In the list, choose “Content-Aware”, other options should be left alone -> Ok.

(Or You can Ctrl -> Left Mouse to the image of the layer -> Slect -> Contract -> Set the pixels you want -> using selection tool and right mouse to the selected area -> Select Inverse -> The blank part is selected -> Content-Aware again.

Complicated image

With complicated images (clear and specific content), don’t use the solution up there. 

The only way you should do is using the Selection Tool (M). But this time select the blank part with a very little part of the image -> Edit -> content-aware Scale (Ctrl+ALT+shift+C) -> Resize that part to get over the whole border to fill. 

Do the same with the remaining areas.

Here is the video tutorial: