Create a Product Collection

A product collection is a group of products that have the same characteristics. For example, a collection of cushions or rugs (same product type), a collection of items on sale, a collection of items with a certain size or color, a collection of seasonal products. GearGag allows you to groups products into collections to make it easier for customers to find them by category. 

After you create a collection, it can be shown on your GearGag store as a webpage with a gallery of the products that are in the collection. Your customers can then click a product image on the collection page to visit a specific product's page. 

Create a new collection

Follow these steps to create a collection:

Step 1: Go to your GearGag Admin > Storefront > Collections.

Step 2: Click Create Collection (1). 

Then, you’ll be directed to the New Collection page as shown below:

  1. Enter the name, URL, and description of your collection. If you want to hide it from search engines, select the Hide storefront page from search engines button. 

  2. Drag and drop an image to the Collection image box to add an image for your collection.

  3. Select the Featured Collection button if you want to show the collection on the cart page.

  4. There are two options here. Select the Show Product on Marketplace button in the Collection type box if you allow us to show your product collection in other sellers’ stores. The Manual button is meant for adding products, which will be discussed later.

When you’re done with this, click Update at the bottom of the page. 

How to add products to your new collection

There are two ways to add products to a collection: manually and automatically.

  • A manual collection includes only the products that you choose individually. This feature is helpful in some cases. For example, if you plan to hold a one-time flash sale of just a few products, then you can create a manual collection for them and set up a discount for just the products in that collection.

  • An automated collection uses selection conditions to automatically include matching products. You can specify whether products need to meet all of the conditions or any of the conditions to be included in the collection. When you add a new product that matches the selection conditions for a collection, the product is automatically added to the collection.

Create a manual collection

To create a manual collection, do as follows:

Step 1: Click Select products (5) in the Products section.

Step 2: Select the products you want to add to the current collection in the Product list dialog. You can find products in your store or on the marketplace. 

Step 3: Click OK.

Create an automated collection

Follow these steps to create an automated collection:

Step 1: Select the Manual button in the Collection type section. The Manual button is then switched to the Smart button (6).

Step 2: In the Conditions box, select whether products need to match all conditions or any condition to be included in the collection. Then, add conditions into three boxes.

If you want to add another condition, click Add another condition (7).

To delete a condition, click the Delete button (8).