Edit Navigation and Pages

Navigation and pages allow you to organize your store information in a proper way. By adding pages to navigation sections, you create a menu of links that your customers use to explore your store. 

To access the Navigation and Pages settings, go to your GearGag Admin and click Storefront on the left menu. 


By default, there are many pre-made pages. You can edit or delete any of these pages or add a new page easily. 

Add a new page

To add a new page, click Add page (1):

Then, enter the page title and description, select to publish the page or hide it, choose a template and layout, or change how it appears on Google search engine result pages. Once you finish editing, click Create page.

Edit an existing page

To edit a page, click the page you want to edit.

Just edit any part you want. Once you finish editing, click Update page (3).

Delete an existing page

To delete a page, click its respective Delete button (2) on the Page list or open that page and click the Delete button (4) at the bottom. 


You can arrange your top navigation bar exactly the way you want. To do this, click the Navigation button to open the Navigation page.

There are four types of default menus on every GearGag store:

  • About Us: Display the information your customers may want to know, for example, who you are, your privacy policy, terms of service, and DMCA. 

  • Help Center: Display tutorials and information about your shipping, return, and refund policies. 

  • Main Menu: Display your product categories. You can create sub-categories for this menu. 

  • Top Menu: Display additional information like Contact Us or Tracking Order. 

Add a new menu

To add a new menu, click the Add menu button (1) at the top right corner of the Navigation page.

Do as follows:

Step 1: Enter the menu name.

Step 2: Click Add menu item if you want to add menu items in the new menu. 

Step 3: Click Create.

Edit a menu

To edit a menu, click it and you’ll see menu items.

  • Click Edit to edit the page name and URL or add its submenus.

  • Click Delete to remove a page from the menu.

  • Click Add menu item to add a menu item to the current menu. 

  • To rearrange the order of menu items, click and hold the handle icon while dragging the items.  

When you finish any of these tasks, click Update. In case you don’t want to show the current menu, click the Delete button next to the Update one.