Step 1: Upload all design files to file library at 

After being uploaded, each design file will have its own code, which is called code_image


Step 2: Fulfill via CSV

Go to the link to download file template

Beside customer's shipping information and quantity of each item in the order, please provide with below information:

- name (required): your product's name

- import_mockup_1,2,3 (optional): link of mockup, it should be link from trello

- sku_catalog (required): SKU of the product types provided in catalog

- key_area_1,2,3,... (optional): Name of the design areas required in the Catalog.

Note: How to check the key_area in catalog:

  • Go to catalog link of the product
  • Choose options of the item you want to fulfill (color, size, side,...)
  • Key area will be appear as in the picture above.

- code_image_1,2,3,...(optional): image code you named for your designs in File library (The image file names will be used as code_image as default without spaces & special characters)

If you need any support, please email us at [email protected]