(Updated Oct 25th)

Geargag supports 3 ways to request fulfill:

  1. Manual request
  2. Fulfill synced orders from other platforms
  3. Fulfill imported orders from CSV.

To fulfill orders from file CSV, visit https://seller.geargag.com/orders, click Import Order and follow these guides.

Geargag supports 3 types of CSV for Fulfillment below:

  • Format 1: Import by Product ID (recommended for Geargag Store owners)
  • Format 2: Import by SKU external (recommended for regular users)
  • Format 3: Import by SKU catalog & artworks (recommended for new users)

Format 1: Import by Product ID (recommended for Geargag Store owners)

If you're running a Geargag store with multiple products are uploaded before, you can use this type of CSV for mass fulfillment request.

Just listing the order details (shipping info) & match the product variants via product_id & sku_catalog which can easily found in All Products & Geargag Catalog

Format 2: Import by SKU external (recommended for regular users)

If you've request fulfill for several times and all of your sku_external are stocked in Geargag, the fulfillment process will be not easier than ever.

List the order with the sku_external (the string which are used to organize & connect your designs from Geargag & other platforms. An sku_external is unique and matched with a single type of product & single design / a set of designs)

Name & import mockups 1, 2, 3 are not required. However, they can help you recognize different orders & items more easily.

Format 3: Import by SKU catalog & artworks (recommended for new users)

You're a new Geargag seller & having thousands of orders with different designs? Don't worry, Geargag has a magical tool for you.

Step 1. Upload your designs at once.

Visit Geargag > File Library and upload all of your designs. Remember, your image files' name will be used as your image_code in fulfillment progress, name your files without special characters & spaces.

The most easiest way is saving your images by a similar name to your product SKU/IDs, then, you can match your orders at ease.

Step 2. Match your orders with suitable sku & artworks (image codes) in CSV

Name & import mockups 1, 2, 3 are not required. However, they can help you recognize different orders & items more easily.

Sku_external is a unique string used to recognize your unique design for unique type of product. You can name your sku_external without limited ideas, however, be careful when you updating a existing sku_external with different designs & a new type of product, the previous unfulfilled orders or new synced orders with the same sku_external will be changed too.

Sku_catalog, Key_area can be found in Geargag catalog as below:

Fill the code_images right beside the required key_areas. If the product has more than one Key areas in Catalog, please input all the relevant images. Be noticed, the selected images must obey the dimensions provided in the fulfillment guideline, if not, you can't create fulfillment requests.

Finally, upload your completed CSV to Geargag, click Next

When the importing process is completed, a preview orders window will show up as below:

All red orders are incorrect or not filled right. If you continue importing without fixing, the error orders will be left back, the successful imported orders will be shown in All Orders

Select all unfulfilled Orders & click Request Fulfill & Pay Invoice to complete your Fulfillment Request.

If you have any questions, please contact our support team at [email protected] or leave a message at the chatbox.