Add Product Feed to Facebook Business

It’s good to add Facebook Pixel to your GearGag store if you plan to run Facebooks Ads. By doing so, you can track store traffic and understand your customers’ behaviors. 

A Facebook pixel collects data about how customers are using your online store pages so that you can more effectively plan your ad campaigns to find new customers. You can click here if you want to learn more about Facebook pixels.

Let’s learn how to add a product feed to your Facebook Business account. 

Create a Facebook Catalog Feed

Do as follows:

Step 1: Go to your GearGag Admin > Marketing Tools > Facebook Catalog.

Then, the Marketing page will open with the Facebook Catalog tab like this:

Step 2: Enter all the necessary information. Then, click Export and your Facebook Catalog Feed will be automatically downloaded. 

Add Facebook Catalog Feed to Facebook Business

If you haven’t got a Facebook catalogue, you need to create it first. Follow this instruction

Once you have a Facebook catalogue, you can start adding your product feed to the catalogue. Do as follows:

Step 1: Login your Catalogue Manager. Then, select the catalogue you want to add product feed (1).

Step 2: Click Product Data Sources (2) from the left menu. 

Step 3: Click Add Products (3).

Step 4: Select Use Data Feeds > Next.

Step 5: In the Upload Data Feed File page, select Upload File Manually in the Select Upload Method section > Upload File > Start Upload

That’s it!