Geargag only processes to fulfill orders which Fulfill is requested and successful Invoice payment.


Step 1. Check order, upload additional design (if missing) & Request Fulfill

Click to choose order, press "Request Fulfill" for new uploaded/ synced orders.

Step 2: Choose Vendor and Shipping Type

- Vendor: Click to choose Geargag

- Shipping Type: for US orders, we have 3 types of shipping: Saver, Standard and Priority. For International orders (not US order), we have one type: Standard. Click to choose your favorite type.

- Click 

+ Confirm fulfill and checkout to direcly go to checkout step

+ Save to only mark the order as requested and move it to Fulfillment > Requests

In case you only clicked Save, and then want to checkout the orders, go to Fulfillment > Requests > tick orders > click Checkout selected items, and complete the checkout.

Step 3. Finish Payment and review Order

Orders which are paid will be moved to "In Progress" until the tracking ID is revealed.

When the Order is completely Fulfilled and has a tracking ID, you can click on the order to see the details.