Visit Fulfillment > Catalog for Geargag product fulfill details:

1. Product list, base cost & mockup:

  • Click on the product categories for quick searching the relevant products (Apparel, Jewelry, Gift & Accessories, Home & Decorations, All Over Print, Face Mask, Gloves, Puzzle, etc.)
  • Base cost is calculated as the lowest price for the cheapest size & color, not including shipping fees.
  • Click on each product for further details.

2. Product color and Size

  • Click on the product categories to see detailed information about the color list, sizes, and how to calculate the price. 
  • Extra price +$XX (marked in red) shows the extra cost added to the Base Cost. ExampleBase Cost: 5.99$, XXL + $2 => Size XXL costs 7.99$ in total.
  • To view the product's SKU, click on Color + Size.

3. Areas, Methods and Shipping costs

  • The shipping service is provided by UPS or USPS.

  • If the area is out of the shipping list, the product's fulfillment is not supported (An address error will also appear while ordering).

  • The estimated shipping time includes manufacturing time (printed) & on-the-way delivery time.

  • Shipping cost is divided into 2 types:

+ First item - Apply for the first product

+ Additional item - Apply for the next product with the same style

Example: An order (same Order ID on the system) has 2 Guys Tee T-shirts => The preferential price is 4.99$ +1.99$ = 6.98$ (save 3$)

However, if an order has two products of two different styles, the shipping cost is calculated as the "First item" for each product.

4. Description and Washing Instructions

  • Relevant info of products about the materials and blank clothing brands.

  • Washing instructions show how to wash and iron it to make sure the product's quality doesn't drop.

5. Artboard Size Requirements

  • The file is required in JPG or PNG format.

  • The minimum design dimension is displayed for each product, for example, 2800x3200 pixels (the dimension is possibly different, but it is needed to meet the right ration and minimum length/ width).

  • The Max File Size (cannot upload a file larger than this maximum size).

6. Size guide

The size of each product is measured in Inches or Centimeters.

If you have any questions for Product Catalog, please leave us a message in the Support chat box or email: [email protected]