To make payment for requests and use service of Geargag, you need to have the available balance on your account which is on the upper right corner of the Topup screen.

You can use one of the following 3 Deposit methods:

1. Topup via bank transfer

When selecting the Bank transfer method, you will see the information about bank name, bank account to send payment to, and the exchange rate from USD to your currency. When you send the payment, kindly copy the code provided and paste it into the content box, it will make sure your topup will be tracking real-time and exactly

2. Toup via Payoneer

To topup via Payoneer, click Payoneer in the list of payment methods. The payment code will be displayed right in the topup window.

Please copy the payment code Geargag provides and paste it into the transfer content on Payoneer to make sure your topup will be tracking real-time and exactly.

3. Topup via Pingpong

To topup via Pingpong, click Pingpong in the list of payment methods.

After making the payment, please copy the Transaction ID provided by Pingpong and paste it into the box in the Topup window, click Claim for the last step. The system will confirm the payment & transfer money to your Balance Account.

Note: To make sure your topup will be tracking real-time and exactly, you must use the exact transaction code or Transaction ID provided to ensure automatic top-up. Normally, the system will confirm the topup request and add money to your Balance Account after 15 minutes. However, in case of a payment recording error, please contact the support team via Group Facebook or email [email protected]

With the available balance in your account, you can quickly pay fulfillment and shipment bills on Geargag without having to log into other accounts.

To view all topup history, visit Billing > History> History, filter the payment type "Topup"

Note: Due to the security & legality of payments, Geargag only supports refunding the balance to the original bank account or Payoneer / Pingpong account that you used to top up before in case of your request for a withdrawal. 

If you have any questions, please contact us via chat box or email [email protected]