With Geargag shipment service, you can deliver your single package door-to-door to customers fast & saving. Visit https://seller.geargag.com/shipment & start now with 4 easy steps:


Before creating a Shipment Request, you have to list your Products for shipping in Shipment > Products > Add New Product

Add the following: 

  • Product Title: Name of the product

  • Product info: Price (USD), SKU, Category, Dimensions (Height, Width, Length, and Weight), and Variants (Add variants if this product comes in multiple versions, like different sizes or weights).

  • Image: You can add an image of the product either from an URL or your PC.

Then ‘Create product’.


1. Visit: Shipment > Import Shipment & download Template CSV

2. Fill into the Template

  • order_idThe ID of your Original Order which you can easily use to search & match to other platforms.
  • Shipping info (shipping_first_nameshipping_last_name, shipping_address_1, shipping_address_2shipping_cityshipping_stateshipping_zipcodeshipping_countryshipping_phoneshipping_email)
  • product_id & variant_id: The Product you want to ship (Before creating a shipment request, you have to Create a Product here). You can find the product_id & variant_id by clicking Edit beside the Product & copy the string number below:

  • quantity: Number of item in the package
  • id_station:Place the station Id you want to send product to:
    • 3: Hanoi station
    • 6: Hochiminh station
    • 5: Da Nang station

3. Upload the CSV to Geargag. Click Step 1 > Step 2 > Step 3 to validate your shipping requests 

You can also create a single shipment request without CSV, by clicking on "Create request" in Shipment > Requests or All Orders > Integrated Order details

In the Shipment Request Form, fill in required fields (quantity to shipping, size, weight, recipient info..)

  • Length/ Width/ Height: Details of the product which is calculated by centimeters (cm).

  • Weight: Weight of the product which is calculated by grams.

  • Shipping address: Including first name, last name, phone, address of the customer; city, zip code, country, and state-related to that location. That information must be completely correct to avoid unexpected problems.

Choose the station you want to pick up (Hanoi, Da Nang, HCM city) & click “Check Shipping Services” to verify the order information & estimate the shipping fee. Then, click "Create Request” to verify the request information


When the uploading is finished, your shipment request will be listed in Shipment > Requests

Switch to "Print Barcode" select the requests to print barcode label & stick to your parcels before bringing them to Geargag stations

You can also reprint the barcode for a single request by clicking on the shipment & click Print Barcode


When Geargag receive, measure & approve the package, shipment status will be updated from "Awaiting Package" to "Stocked" (you will also receive a notification via email)

Visit the Pending Paid tab to Create Invoice & Pay for the shipment requests.

If your parcel’s accepted in Geargag stations, your request will be in status “Stocked”. Create & Pay Invoice to validate your request, then parcel’s ready to be delivered in scheduled.

You can check out for a single request as following;

When your parcel is successfully transferred to Domestic carriers (UPS, USPS, DHL, GLS,...), you can check your tracking code in your Shipping Request Dashboard.

For any support request, please contact [email protected]