With an integrated Woo store in Geargag, you will:

  • Sync orders automatically from Woo to Geargag for fulfillment
  • Auto-generated mockup & synced bulk from Geargag to Woo for selling.

Follow these 2 steps to integrate your Woo-commerce stores and Geargag and discover the amazing things:

1. Add new WooCommerce Store connect

Go to Geargag Admin > Integrations > WooCommerce.

Add a new connection with the store name & URL, then click "Add new connect"

  • Name: Enter the name of your store.
  • URL: Enter the link to your store in format http:// or https:// (for example https://woo.geargag.com/)


Confirm Geargag access by logging into your account & click ‘Approve’ to continue.


Geargag does not limit the number of store connections. Feel free to add as many Woo-stores as you have at no fee.

2. Install Geargag Toolkit

In the WordPress Admin > Plugins > Add New, look for "GearGag Toolkit" in the Search Bar & click ‘Install Now’, your Woocommerce store will be connected to Geargag successfully.


For any question with Woocommerce integration, leave us a message in the chatbox or email [email protected]