WooCommerce is an e-commerce platform for online stores. To make your online business be more efficient with multiple stores, Geargag offers built-in integration with WooCommerce. Let’s connect your Geargag store with WooCommerce to get orders automatically.

There are 3 steps to integrate & sync orders from WooCommerce to Geargag:

  1. Connect your WooCommerce store to Geargag
  2. Set up Geargag Toolkit
  3. Sync Orders

1. Connect your WooCommerce Store to Geargag

Go to Geargag Admin > Integrations > WooCommerce.

Add a new connection with the store name & URL, then click "Add new connect"

  • Name: Enter the name of your store.
  • URL: Enter the link to your store in format http:// or https:// (for example https://woo.geargag.com/)


Confirm Geargag access by click ‘Approve’ to continue.


2. Config Sync Options

Click the 'edit' icon mceclip0.pngnext to the store you've connected.


Choose the sync type for your store:

Option 1: Default (If you just want to sync order

Option 2: Use Geargag Theme


  • Store name
  • Website (URL)
  • Consumer Key
  • Consumer Secret
  • Status: Active/Inactive
  • 'Retail Price' in Price Setting

STEP 3: Deciding on the options below:

  • Sync Type*: There are 2 options:
    • Default: If you already have an existing Woo store, you have your own configurations for products, and you feel more comfortable with your Woo Theme, select 'Default'
    • Use Geargag Theme: Our Geargag Themes when compared to Woo Themes are normally faster, more eye-catching, and super generous in terms of load capacity. If you want to apply Geargag Theme for your WooCommerce site, select 'Use Geargag Theme'.
  •  Export Product from Woo to Geargag Settings: Choose 'Do not export to geargag' or 'Export product from this woo store to geargag'.
  • Order Import Settings: Choose 'Manually confirm imported orders' or 'Automatically confirm orders to be fulfilled'.

STEP 4: Ensure all of your changed information are saved. 

2. Install Geargag Toolkit

In the WordPress Admin > Plugins > Add New.

Look for "GearGag Toolkit" in the Search Bar & ‘Install Now’, your Woocommerce store's connected to Geargag successfully.



Sync Products & Orders

STEP 1: Go to GearGag Admin > Products > All Products > Tick to choose products you want to sync.

STEP 2: Select ‘Sync’ in the upper right corner.

STEP 3: There will be a pop-up window as below. Tick to select your store name > Click ‘Sync’.


Manage Products Syncing

STEP 1: Go to GearGag Admin > Integrations > WooCommerce > Press on 'sync' next to the name of the store you want to manage products syncing.


STEP 2: You will access to Sync management page of the store. Here, you can check status of products sync and filter by syncing status.


That's it!