To create shipment requests in bulk by using CSV file, kindly follow the steps below:

Step 1: Go to Shipment > Import Shipment

Download the template file

Step 2: Fill the information into the file

- Column A: The Order_id so that you can follow it well

- From column B to column K : customer's shipping address and contact information so that we can deliver the package

- From coulum L to column U : item and package information (*: cannot be blank)

- Item_Title: Product name or type


- Quantity

- Id_Station:

- Hanoi : 3

- Da nang : 5

- HCM city : 7 (closed)

- Item_Prices

- Package_Lengths(cm)

- Package_Width(cm)

- Package_Height(cm)

- Package_Weight(g)

Step 3: Upload your CSV file and import order

-After complete your file CSV, kindly upload onto the system. If there is any error with the information, our system will show a warning. If there is no warning, your order is ready to be imported, kindly click "Next". Please wait until the progress is 100% then click "Import".

And now your orders are imported successfully.

Follow the next step in here (step 2 & 3): Request Shipping in Geargag Shipment