To make payments and check the payment history of your store on Geargag, you can go to Billing on the sidebar of the Admin site.

1. Invoices

You can see all the invoices you create for the payment to your fulfillment requests. See more about how to create invoices here.

When you click on the invoice ID, you can see all orders included in the invoice and the total price you have to pay.

The invoice's status will change to PaidĀ and the time of payment will be shown as well. Orders will be in status In progressĀ and sent to the manufacturing system for fulfillment after the payment is completed.

2. Topup

When you topped up your Geargag account, the top-up amount will go to the Account balance and be ready for your payment requests.

To make a top up, you have 3 options:

- Bank Transfer

- Via Payoneer

- Via Pingpong

3. History

You can check all transaction history information that has been completed successfully in History, including top-up history, payment for fulfillment and shipment requests, or cashback transactions from Geargag.

If you have any questions, please contact us via chatbox or email [email protected].