You can easily check the transaction history in details (topup/ fulfillment invoice/ refund/ monthly fee/...) in Billing > History.

In the History, you can see all transactions information:

  • ID : the ID of the transactions on Geargag system
  • Status : Payment status ( Success or Fail)
  • Type: Payment type
    • Fulfillment : a payment for an invoice of fulfillment requests
    • Shipment : a payment for an invoice of shipment requests 
    • Topup : payment to add money onto Account Balance
    • refund_fulfillment : a refund from Geargag due to an error in the fulfillment progress
    • refund : A refund from Geargag for other reasons
    • Setup store: a payment for store-opening fee if any
    • Monthly : a payment for monthly fee on using service on Geargag if any
  • Payment method : the method you use to send or receive the transacton
  • Paid at : date and time when the transaction is processed
  • Amount : the value of the payment
  • Note : detailed information about the transaction

You can easily filter and export transaction reports by using the payment type, method, and time filter.

If there are any questions on Geargag Billing - History, please contact Geargag via the chatbox or email [email protected].