One of our priorities in the 2021 Winter Sale Season is to provide amazing support for sellers in researching and developing new products; optimizing sales as well as cutting operating time and costs for teams and individuals who sell online on Geargag platform or any other channels. From November 2021, Geargag officially launched the Geargag Design Service for orders fulfilled on our system with the preferential packages as follows:


(*) Finished designs are provided via order tickets. Surcharges may be applied for complicated or low-quality mockups with confirmations. 


Depending on order volume & team structure, sellers can choose 8 different packages from 1 to 1000, equal to 1 - 1000 2D designs ~ $1.5/design -  super appealing price. Each package has a different credit value from 1-3 for 2D design, 3D design or Quilts & Bedding set.

E.g.: In Pack 10

1 Quilt design in pack 1000 ~ 3 points;

1 AOP Hoodie design ~ 2 points;

1 2D design ~ 1 points

(surcharges may be applied for complicated/ low-quality designs with confirmations via tickets).


How it works:

1. Geargag Design Service Registration:

- Design packages & fees: Sellers can pick a suitable design package from our support team on Messenger or email [email protected] at any time. The Package fee will be charged from the store’s balance.

- Expiry date: No limit (sellers can use up all the points in the pack with no time limit or transfer to another store, however, cash exchange is not accepted.

2. Request orders using Geargag Design Service:

Guides for fulfillment requests on Geargag here

For orders marked as “Use Geargag Design Service”, sellers won’t need to upload designs. Instead, tick on "Use Geargag Design Service" & upload Product Mockup when manually creating orders/ rematching products for synced orders:


The service-requested orders are distinguished from others by the artwork icon in the Order dashboard.

- Green Icon: Artworks provided by sellers that have been uploaded successfully.

- Blue Icon: Orders that have been requested for Geargag Design Service.

- Gray Icon: No artwork.

3. Geargag processes designs, confirm completed file & credit charged via ticket

Right after your order is paid, Geargag will receive the order information & a design request. Our Team will complete the design and send a credit confirmation (with finished design file) via ticket within 24 hours from the time we received the design request (time is counted in business days without other deals).

If sellers agree with the finished designs or don’t reply to our confirmation ticket within 24h, we will understand that the designs are approved, and the related orders will be automatically placed into manufacturing following the fulfillment process & processing time for relevant products.

To double-check all the orders having been requested for the service, you can filter orders by choosing More filter > Artwork Status > Use Geargag's Design service.


All of the comments & design data will be stored on the ticket system. If you have any other requirements, please contact the support team via support groups or email [email protected]

Hopefully this service from Geargag will help sellers create the best quality designs, saving time, saving efforts, and optimizing profits.


Note: Design ownership belongs to sellers. Sellers have full rights and responsibilities to the origin & ownership of the design for their orders. Geargag is only responsible for optimizing designs according to seller requests; not buying, selling, sharing, creating, or providing products from requested designs without the consent of the sellers to transfer by any means.